Monday, 8 June 2015

Under and Out: Restoring a Flooded Basement

Of the many spaces in a home, basements are the most vulnerable to floods and water damage issues. This is because they are located below ground level, where water can flow into and pool. Whether the flood was caused by heavy rainfall or due to a busted pipeline, basements need to be properly cleaned and restored before they develop even more problems. Professional help is highly recommended so that the cleaning job becomes easier, safer, and faster.
The first step in any attempt to restore a home that has been flooded in is to turn off the power and any gas valves; this is to avoid fatal shock hazards and dangerous explosion risks. Next, homeowners should carefully assess their properties to ensure that the water has subsided to safe enough levels. It is too dangerous to venture inside a basement that has been completely filled in with water, so it is best to wait until it subsides.
A basement previously filled with floodwater needs to be properly ventilated to get rid of any fumes and residual moisture. Afterwards, any remaining pooled water needs to be carefully and gradually extracted by pump—suddenly extracting large amounts can upset the building’s foundation. Homeowners might want to hire expert flood restoration companies to not just handle the water extraction process, but also take care of the mold growth that can develop as a result of the flood.

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