Tuesday, 24 March 2015

A List of Things You Can Restore After a Flood

If you think a little water will do you no harm, you might want to reconsider once you are on the receiving end of a flood. Floodwater can inundate your property, soaking everything in a mixture of water, mud, and other debris that might have been swept up. It will take some time for the waters to recede, and until then your property and everything inside it are at risk of water damage.

Water damage is a serious issue. Floods can leave behind nasty stains that can be difficult to remove. Wooden furniture, wood floors, and other parts of a house that are made of wood are at risk of warping from being submerged in water, and could be a target for termites. Severe cases of water damage can accelerate the growth of mold and bacteria in furniture and the walls, which can endanger homeowners and their families.

If you must salvage belongings from your home, prioritize recouping furniture without upholstery. Furniture with fabric and cushions are sure to waterlogged with too much of the floodwater to be of any use, and could be breeding grounds for bacteria and mold. Mattresses also will need to be replaced. As for the home itself, it would be best to call upon a professional company to handle the drying, cleaning, and possible reconstruction of the property. Although homeowners can manage these tasks on their own, the expert opinion and skills of these companies will prove invaluable.

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